Bleaching / whitening

Beautiful white teeth thanks to bleaching at Beta Dental

Do you wish for white teeth exuding attractiveness and vitality at the same time? Ensure “radiating” moments and emphasize your natural beauty.

Discolored teeth are a part of our daily life, caused by tobacco, medication or drinks like coffee or red vine. Our age also plays a certain role in the darkening of our teeth.

During bleaching, a peroxide gel reacts with oxygen and starts an oxidation process that modifies the color molecules of your teeth.

It is up to you how many teeth are to be bleached. But before bleaching, professional teeth cleaning must take place. This way we can ensure that dental plaque will not affect the results of bleaching. It also makes sense to undergo a general dental examination because your teeth must be healthy prior to any aesthetic treatment.

It is crucial, though, not to bleach pre-existing dentures/dental prostheses but to insert itafter the procedure. Bleaching is not only a gentle way to brighten the surface of a tooth, but it is also simple, quick and can be repeated virtually indefinitely.

In-office bleaching

In-office bleaching takes place at Beta Dental and lasts about 60-90 minutes. It is a major advantage that you can directly see the results of this procedure. We favor this kind of aesthetic treatment since we are able to thoroughly control the bleaching from its beginning to its end.

How is bleaching carried out?

In order to avoid any complications, we will cover every surface that is not part of the bleaching process like your lips or your gum at the beginning. We will then apply a peroxide gel and let it do its magic for 15 minutes. This procedure has to be repeated twice. After three rounds of bleaching, we will cover your teeth with a protective remineralization gel that stays on your teeth for 5 minutes. Subsequently, you have to refrain from drinking coffee, tea, red vine, cola and from eating carrots and beetroots as well from smoking for 2 days because it can discolor your teeth.

It is possible that we have to bleach your teeth brighter at first since your teeth may darken in the following 2 weeks.