Minimally invasive, gentle correction of front teeth with veneers at Beta Klinik

Not many people have teeth matching the traditional ideal of beauty but more often malposition, uneven or discolored teeth are in the way. Those imperfections of front teeth can be dealt with using thin ceramic veneers that help optimize your teeth.

What is a veneer and what makes so special?

Veneers consist thin ceramic layers, measuring 0.8 mm up to 2.0 mm (0.03-0.08 in), that are placed over damaged front teeth. Due to their small thickness, adjustable color and extraordinary light refraction, placing veneers results in a natural, aesthetically very pleasing look. Another advantage: the natural substance of teeth is preserved by only working with the first layer of enamel.

Since this minimally invasive procedure is one of the most sophisticated dental treatments, we are very proud about our cooperation with master dental technician Alexander Bichler. Working closely together, we ensure a gentle and precise dental care resulting in an optimal outcome.

First we have to minimally reshape your teeth bevor we can make a dental impression. Then you decide together with us and our dental technician on the color that suits you the most. Afterwards, the veneers are manufactured at a dental laboratory before you finally receive them.

If you opt for this kind of ceramic veneers, you do not only benefit from major optical improvement but also from durability, reliability and an outstanding tissue compatibility. Our master dental laboratory warrants highest quality and most aesthetic results.

We will, of course, answer all your questions about the placement and maintenance of veneers.

No-Prep-Veneers – die noch dünneren Veneers

Bei dieser Art der Keramik-Verblendschalen beträgt die Dicke nur noch 0,1 bis zu 0,5 mm und sie bestehen aus einer speziellen Keramik. Anders als bei den herkömmlichen Veneers muss somit keine oder selten sehr geringe Zahnhartsubstanz abgetragen werden. Das Aufkleben der No-Prep-Veneers geschieht völlig schmerzfrei und schonend, da weder gebohrt noch gespritzt werden muss!

Aufgrund der besonderen Gegebenheiten dieser Keramikschalen ist diese Behandlung nicht nur unvergleichbar minimalinvasiv, es resultiert vor allem ein hochästhetisches Gesamtbild.

Mit No-Prep-Veneers zu einem perfekten, strahlenden Lächeln bei den Zahnärzten in der Beta Klinik Bonn!

When do veneers / no-prep veneers make sense?

  • good for teeth with only a thin layer of enamel
  • to improve aesthetically less pleasing dental crowns and bridges
  • as extension of incisors
  • as correction of the shape of a tooth
  • to fill gaps
  • as correction of crooked front teeth
  • as supplement of defect or missing teeth
  • as correction of discolored teeth

Advantages of veneers and no-prep veneers

  • substitute for bleaching due to their longevity
  • cover discolorations that cannot be bleached
  • can be removed without a problem
  • completely or almost painless, very gentle and time-saving treatment (2 appointments)
  • high durability
  • almost invisible and you merely feel them
  • very versatile
  • natural and aesthetic look