Tinnitus means ‘ringing in the ear’. The highfrequency, persistant whistling sound is differentiated from the pulsatile or pulsating tinnitus, which is synchronized by heart beat. Besides there is the irregular tinnitus which does not strictly match any of the abovementioned patterns.

Tinnitus is caused, for instance, by acute hearing loss, chronic blockade of the first cervical vertebra, stress, but also as a result of anemia or a lack of trace elements. Often tinnitus means also a significant decrease in quality of life for the affected person.

The differentation of the pulsatile tinnitus from the other types is important because it indicates an arteriovenous vessel malformation, a dural arteriovenous fistula. Due to this fact it is curable by neurointerventional treatments.

In all other cases, comprehensive interdisciplinary differential diagnostics and therapy development are crucial.