Microtherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that can be done as an outpatient. Very fine instruments, injection needles and local anesthesia are usedso that the intervention is almost free of pain.

For the thorough planning and controlling, microtherapy is done under CT- and X-ray-guidance, which makes an extremely accurate work possible that avoids the injury of anatomical structures and organs. Dependinig on interventions, instruments can also be controlled by virtue of an endoscope with glas fiber cables and fiber optics.

Determined by examination results (quite often in cervical spine), the position of instruments and needles has to be supervised by means of a small amount of a contrast agent. Treatments in lumbar spine are done in abdominal position, those in cervical spine in supine position.

Images: left: selective infiltration of the ileosacral joint, right: microtherapy of a facet joint under guidance of the needle position at the joint line, second needle in the nerve root canal

The following treatments are differentiated in microtherapy:

Treatment of the so-called facet joints

  • facet blockade
  • facet infiltration
  • facet laser coagulation

Treatment of the nerve root

  • periradicular infiltration
  • epidural infiltration

Treatment of the spinal canal

  • epidural injection
  • periradicular injection