Minimally invasive surgical procedure for treating epilepsy

MRI controlled laser ablation technology for epilepsy

With VISUALASE™, The Beta Klinik is one of only three clinics in Europe to date offering this minimally invasive surgical procedure for the treatment of epilepsy.

With laser ablation technology, patients with epilepsy have the active tissue in the brain gently and precisely removed by laser. Most patients can be discharged on the same day after this treatment.

How does Visualase Technology work?

The area to be treated is thoroughly examined at The Beta Klinik using magnetic resonance imaging and is precisely defined. Following this, epilepsy specialist Prof. Dr. Christian Elger and the highly experienced neurosurgeon and operating surgeon Prof. Dr. med Thomas Gasser, define the target area for the laser ablation using stereotactic procedures. A millimetre-sized hole is drilled in the skull through which a laser catheter and applicator are inserted into the brain.

Laser energy is delivered to the target area using this applicator and causes an increase in temperature in the targeted area. The soft tissue is removed without damaging the surrounding area.

The effect of the laser treatment is closely monitored during the whole procedure by the experts using real time magnetic resonance imaging. Special safety precautions prevent the laser from being too hot and also protect the healthy areas in the brain from its energy.

Visualase Technology has already been successfully used for over ten years in the USA. In the middle of 2018, the Medtronic device obtained the CE label for the European Union and may now be used here.