Osteoporosis / vertebral fracture

Especially elderly people, increasingly women, can suffer from back pain as a result of vertebral fractures. Most of the vertebral fractures emerge as an effect of osteoporosis, although there can be tumor- or accident-related fractures.

Symptoms vertebral fracture

The main symptom of a vertebral fracture is pain in the back, but it can also radiate into other regions of the body.

Diagnostics vertebral fracture

The examination and diagnosis confirmation are made by use of specific MRI examination techniques. On the image you can see a vertebral fracture resulting from osteoporosis, often accompanied by severe pain. At Beta Klinik we use an open MRI system which allows us to comfortly examine patients suffering from claustrophobia or patients up to 250 kg (500 lbs).

Treatment vertebral fracture

A vertebral fracture can be treated with vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty. Both primarily result in a distinctive and quick lessening of pain.
The basis of both interventions is drilling one or two holes by means of a special surgical drill and the insertion of fluid cement into the vertebra. Patients can undergo this kind of surgery in local or a short general anaesthesia. The cement hardens within a few minutes, increases spinal stability and stops the pain.