Diagnostics neurology and epileptology

For the diagnostics, Beta Neurology uses a 3-Tesla-MRI scanner and special EEG procedures as well as standard electrophysiological examination possibilities such as Doppler sonography (ultrasound) of the cerebral vessels. Same day interdisciplinary co-treatment with colleagues from other in-house specialist fields is also possible when necessary. Individual treatment concepts can be gladly arranged. Balance related disorders such as dizziness are a good example of the teamwork between Neurologist, ENT, internal specialist and cardiologist all under the same roof.
The most modern facilities in the Beta Klinik are available for in-patient stays.

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Electrophysiology neurology and epileptology

By carrying out an electrophysiological examination, we can detect functional disorders of the nervous system. Normally, we measure the electrical signal processing of nerve and muscle cells during an electrophysiological..

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1.5 and 3 tesla MRI neurology and epileptology

Neuropsychological diagnostics is a term for testing the performance of the brain in a standardized and normalized way (paper and pen, computer-assisted tests). Neuropsychological examinations test the following aspects of cerebral performance:

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Neuropsychological testing

In neuropsychology, we deal with the detection and therapy of cognitive disorders of the brain and the so-called higher cortical functions. These comprise memory functions, spacial orientation, the abilities to recognize images, things and faces, to understand language,..