Mandibular joint diagnostics / Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)

The term CMD is expedient in that it is not only the jaw joint which is the focus of the diagnostics and treatment but also the musculoskeletal system which is included as well. This is best described as a complex interrelationship between the masticatory muscles and the jaw joint as well as the neighbouring structures.

Malfunctioning of the jaw joint can cause disturbances and pain in the spinal area from the head right down to the pelvis. Neurological dysfunctions such as tinnitus and dizziness can have their roots in the chewing muscles and jaw joint complex.

CMD problems have many facets. It is therefore, very important to provide a tissue specific diagnosis. This means finding out exactly which structures are damaged or diseased so that the causes can be treated using tooth tracks, optimised dentures and/or interdisciplinary treatments with sports doctors, orthopaedists and physiotherapists.

Our function-therapeutic system comprising SinfoMed K7 and Myomonitor J5 in combination, enable 4D-Optometry enabling precise diagnosis and treatment where the optimal bite as well as the effect on the chewing muscles and the jaw joint is recorded in three dimensions. This supports our implementation of all major dentistry, implantology and restoration as well as the framework of orthodontics, pain therapy or treatment of sports men and women.