Root Canal Treatment / Endodontics

Keeping a tooth instead of removing it. Root canal treatment is necessary when the nerve of a tooth, the so-called pulp, is infected and possibly dies. This can be accompanied, though not always, by strong pain, sensitivity to heat or cold or pain when biting.

The only alternative to root canal treatment is the extraction of the tooth. Through endodontics, (root canal treatment), your natural teeth can be kept. Only by using magnifying eyeglasses and a microscope can the dentist best see into the canal system and examine the smallest canals and their root branches.

The length of the root canal is determined using a special impedance measurement. The mechanical cleaning (treatment) is carried out with a special instrument. These files and reamers are made of a highly flexible material thus enabling the treatment in the curved canal without affecting the root canal endings.

The canal system needs to be mechanically and chemically cleaned and disinfected, also using a laser to reach the root ends to get all bacteria out. The root canal is then filled and the tooth is given a crown.