Filling treatment and inlays

Filling treatment

There is no panacea for the optimal filling after caries treatment. But we can adjust different treatment options and filling materials to your individual needs and wishes. At Beta Dental, we work with state-of-the-art synthetic materials or ceramic fillings individually crafted at our dental laboratory. Our goal is to combine maximum naturalness and aesthetics with optimal durability and quality.


Ceramic inlays

A visually perfect and natural looking solution is possible thanks to ceramic inlays: occlusion, shape, outline and color can be matched perfectly to its original due to an optimal dental impression. A specific glue ensures excellent stability and durability.

Gold inlays for rear side teeth

One of the most common but also advantageous type of inlays is the gold inlay. Known for its outstanding durability, it can be manufactured with highest precision as a result of its composition. Because of their looks, gold inlays are mainly used for rear side teeth or molars.