Paediatric dentistry

The Team from Beta Dental is always there, even for the smallest patients!

Children need a very special approach for their very first dental appointment. We take care of them in a very special and sensitive way with treatment concepts which make their visit to us very agreeable.

We place real importance on regular prophylaxis from an early age onwards so no caries can form. In our teeth cleaning school, we colour the teeth blue together with the children and show them how to clean their teeth and which areas need special care. After this, the teeth are professionally cleaned and coated with a protective gel. The children also receive useful tips on nutrition, cleaning techniques, fluoridation and fissure sealing.

If there is an issue with a tooth, then it can be filled with a high-quality synthetic filling. For anxious or very young patients, we give them the possibility of having laughing gas or carrying out more complex restructuring under a full anaesthetic.

Milk teeth are very important for the development of a healthy, functioning bite and early loss of milk teeth can disturb the sustainable development of teeth and jaws. The dentists at Beta Dental are highly specialised in paediatric dentistry in order to identify malpositioned teeth, jaw abnormalities and to treat these as early as possible.