Sports Dentistry

We understand the body as a complex whole system and recognise the connection across the borders within the specialist area of dental medicine.

Unforeseen possibilities open up for us as dentists with respect to orthopaedic dentistry in the areas of head, throat, treatment of back pain, balance or focal point corrections such as respiratory dentistry and amazing successes with sleep apnoea or improvement in breathing.

Dentistry sleep medicine and sports medicine in combination provide valuable help in obtaining relaxing sleep and the maximum amount of oxygen intake.

Using the latest techniques enables us to determine an optimum neuromuscular occlusion position and as a result achieve a perfect, relaxed muscular system.

This potential is fully taken advantage of in conjunction with sports doctors, orthopaedists, physiotherapists and athletic trainers. The role of sports dentistry makes a vital contribution here.

Core Competencies

  1. Sustainable reduction of performance diminishing infections in the mouth region.
  2. Minimising risk of injury to the facial region, teeth and jaw.
  3. Optimised breathing so that a better and faster regeneration is possible.
  4. Optimisation of performance using dental functional analysis, individual measurements and special performance splints.

Our athletes and sports men and women have the function-therapeutic system comprising SinfoMed K7 and Myomonitor J5 at their disposal. Used in combination with 4D-Optometry this enables precise diagnosis and treatment. Here the optimum bite as well as the effect on the chewing muscles and jaw bone is presented three dimensionally.

The using of performance-tracks helps us in the area of sports dentistry to look after athletes, sports men and women These performance-tracks additionally have a positive effect on performance and regeneration time.