Intra-oral scanner

A fully digitalised practice and intra-oral scanner

A very special feature of our practice is the use of the intra-oral scanner. This scan replaces the often very uncomfortable moulding which is need for much dental work. With the intra-oral scanner’s help both jaws and the whole bite can be scanned and digitally sent to our specialist dentistry master laboratory. In this way patients benefit from our entire digital workflow in our practice.

Moulding casts for crowns, bridges, prosthesis, grinding, snore-guards, implant planning and the Invisalign-aligners for teeth correction can now be carried out using the latest generation of intra-oral scans.

After the scan, aesthetic ceramic inlays and crown parts can be individually manufactured and fitted in one setting.

For busy professional people with many appointments and not enough time, the option of a ceramic treatment option which we already offer our patients is ever more popular.