Dental and gum disease prevention

The foundation of healthy teeth and gum is dental and gum disease prevention, which helps averting eventual dental treatments and surgery. Professional dental cleaning on a regular basis protects you from caries and periodontitis. But regular control examinations and cleaning are only a few aspects of dental and gum disease prevention.

We will be glad to give you an individual advice on prevention!

Why not simply dodge caries and periodontitis?

Caries and periodontitis are caused by bacterial plaque at the surface of your teeth and gum. They do not only pose a risk to your dental health, but they also affect your well-being. The combination of an adequate oral hygiene and a regular examination as well as a professional dental cleaning is crucial to minimize or avoid diseases in your mouth. Polishing and fluoridating the surface of your teeth will prevent bacteria from attaching to them.

An important component of the prevention of oral diseases is our advice on disease-causing factors and the correct oral hygiene. Enjoy your feeling of healthy and beautiful teeth!

Professional dental cleaning

Optimal oral hygiene is more than brushing your teeth daily. Professional dental cleaning effectively frees your teeth and interdental spaces from hard, dark and bacterial plaque. How often a professional dental cleaning should be carried out depends on your individual risk of dental and gum diseases as well as your own commitment to oral hygiene. Generally, it is necessary every 3-6 months. Smoking, coffee and tea facilitate discoloration and dental calculus. Plaque that is not visible for your eyes may also cause problems.

Professional dental cleaning does not only improve your look but is also one of the most important factors of the proper prevention of diseases. If you leave Beta Dental and go home, your teeth will be protected, smooth, clean and beautiful.

Dental sealants / fissure sealants

Because your incisors with their narrow pits and fissures are prone to plaque, 80% of caries is located here. Dental sealants/fissure sealants reduce the accumulation of caries. Your teeth will be professionally cleaned in order to fill them up with fluid synthetic material. This leads to a smooth and even surface that makes it very difficult for bacteria to hang on your teeth.

Pit and fissure caries is especially a problem for children after tooth eruption because the mineralization of their enamel is incomplete. Therefore, sealing their fissures is important.

Dental sealants/fissure sealants provide a long-lasting and efficient protection of your teeth and simplify your oral hygiene!