Dr. med. Barbara Hawellek, M.D.


Psychiatry and psychotherapy

Email: barbara.hawellek@betaklinik.de
Phone: +49 (0)228 90 90 75 891

Further information

  • psychiatry and psychotherapy
  • depth psychotherapy (depth psychology), interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral analysis system of psychotherapy and philosophical teaching practice

Dr. med. Barbara Hawellek was leading senior physician of the Klinik fuer Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie of Bonn University from 2006 to 2018. Since 2010 she is the head of the Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Practice at Beta Klinik. Dr. Hawellek is specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy and successfuly absolved trainings in ‘Depth Psychological Psychotherapy’, ‘Interpersonal Psychotherapy’, CBASP (Cognitive Behavioral System of Psychotherapy) and ‘Philosophical Teaching Practice`.

Therapeutically, Dr. Hawellek focuses on the treatment (psychotherapeutical and psychopharmalogical) of inpatients with affective (e.g., depressive), anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, personality and schizophrenic disorders as well as the outpatient treatment in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy (individual or group therapy).

Scientific fields of interest are:

  • suicidality and para-suicidality: clinical aspects (detection of risk factors, prevention and treatment), epidemological and molecular genetics examinations
  • personality disorder (esp., impulsivity and agressiveness spectrum), diagnostic and therapeutic questions, identification of neurobiological and neuropsychological state and trait markers, treatment
  • psychotherapy research (individual and group)
  • interdisciplinary exchange with philosophical disciplines, for example, Europaeische Akademie Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany (together with the acedemy in 10/2007: interdisciplinary board discussing conceptual questions about ‘pychological illness’)
  • relationship between creativity and psychological illness, medicine historical and literary aspects