Dr. med. Thomas Weimann

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Radiology – Neuroradiology

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Futher information

  • Specialist for diagnostic radiology with a focus on neuroradiology
  • PhD on functional MRI of the brain through music perception
  • Training in Marburg, Bremen and Berlin

Dr. med. Thomas Weimann (born Schröder) comes from Sauerland and successfully completed his medical studies at the Philipps-University Marburg with medical residency in Wales and also at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in the United States. His PhD was completed under Prof. S. Bien at the Institute for Neuroradiology, Philipps-University in Marburg. His internship then followed at the city of Hannover’s Clinical Centre under Prof. Dr. Dr. Welkoborsky in the ENT Clinic until 2002.

He completed his further training as specialist in diagnostic radiology under Prof. Dr. J. Freyschmidt and Prof. Dr. Terwey at the Bremen Mitte Clinic as well as at the Vivantes Clinic in Neukölln in Berlin from 2006. In 2008 and at the age of 36, Dr. Weimann was made senior consultant and substitute for the new chief physician Dr. J. Seemann at the Barnim Clinic in Eberswalde, north of Berlin.

Under the new leadership, the department for radiology and neuroradiology grew into one of the biggest radiology departments between Berlin and Greifswald with a specialisation in vascular anomalies, acute treatment and interventional stroke treatment. The focus of Dr. Weimann’s work included CT and MRI imaging of the head and throat region, joints as well as tumour illnesses, the training of medical colleagues, vascular concerns as well as pain therapy and diagnostic intervention.

Before moving to Bonn, he worked as senior consultant leading the development of the newly established CT department with the training of the medical technical radiology assistants at the Schlosspark Clinic in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Amongst other things, he also led the pain therapy intervention and CT-guided tissue sampling therapy method (e.g. from the lung) and from the radiological perspective, supported the certification process of the new stroke unit at the Schlosspark Clinic.

He came to the Beta Klinik in Bonn in 2014. Dr. Weimann is recognised for his focus on neuroradiology. He is member of the “German Radiological Society”. Furthermore, he is a passionate beekeeper, musician and father of a young daughter.