Symptoms cancer / malignant tumors

A node or lump that is visible or found while manually checking the body is quite noticeable. Because it could be a malignant tumor, you should quickly consult your physician.

However, most cancer patients suffer from unspecific symptoms, e.g., pain, fever, tiredness, weight loss, coughing, digestive problems. Oftentimes, those symptoms are related to non-cancerous diseases. But when those symptoms have persisted for a long time, and other plausible diseases have been ruled out, an experienced oncologist can perform the examinations necessary. It is important that is has to be an experienced specialist because he or she will also factor in that there could be a tumor although symptoms may also be related to an existing non-cancerous disease. An example is fever that leads to the diagnosis pneumonia, which has been facilitated by lung cancer, obstructing the respiratory system.

Furthermore, malignant tumors may be present at an advanced stage despite the fact that there are no complaints at all. These kinds of cancer are detected while undergoing a routine examination or preventive check-ups.