The Competence of the Team – Sleep Lab

A competent team

There is an experienced and dedicated team providing excellent patient care and support. We highly value working in a close and interdisciplinary manner to provide the best possible care.

Katharina Diamantis

Katharina Diamantis – is a specialist for internal, general, traffic and sleep medicine.  She has managed and run the sleep laboratory in a neurological specialist clinic since 2012.  Her specialisation lies in neurological sleep diagnostics and therapies of all forms of sleeping disorders such as falling and staying asleep as well as sleep related breathing disorders.  She offers both alternative and holistic therapy methods.


Victorine Leopold – is trained in the care of in-patients in the Sleep Lab and co-ordinates the various teams. The highly experienced nurse knows the special circumstances of a sleep lab and advises the patients in a routine and very empathetic way.


Carmen Fargel – Specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine as well as special pain medicine. Together with her team, she helps the patients who have no organic cause for their sleep disorders to deal with their physical sensitivities and everyday strains.


Prof. Dr. Jörg-Otto Schwab –  Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, interventional cardiology and rhythmology. To prevent subsequent diseases due to sleep disorders such as heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmias and high blood pressure, he advises and supports the Sleep Lab in cardiology matters.


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wille – is a specialist for Urology and as an Andrologist treats the consequences of snoring and apnoea episodes. Targeted diagnostic clarification with simple measures can start the therapy and significantly improve conditions such as erection problems and irritable bladders.


Dr. Daniel Sattler –  Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. For patients suffering from grinding of teeth, he injects the therapeutic Botulinumtoxin into the outer masticatory muscle.


Dr. Markus Klingenberg – Specialist in orthopaedics and sports medicine. Together with our Sports and Reha Team, he develops individual training plans to stimulate the circulation and treat accompanying illnesses such as excess weight and high blood pressure.


Dr. Katharina Gay-Heppelmann – Specialist in general medicine and nutritional medicine.  She creates a diet related risk profile on which a balanced and healthy nutritional plan is based. Healthy diets assist towards healthy sleep.