The Treatment – Multimodal Pain Therapy

The specialists in The Beta Klinik and The BetaGenese Klinik work together in an interdisciplinary manner on your individual and sustainable treatment plan. According to your complaint, we will quickly admit you as an in-patient or suggest you have an in-depth first consultation with Carmen Fargel, a specialist specifically for pain medicine. She will discuss your individual personal complaints and pain related issues with you alongside all other medical aspects. During your approximately three-week in-patient stay, you will enjoy the comfortable facilities of The BetaGenese Klinik where you will have a single room with your own bathroom. For patients suffering from chronic pain, the atmosphere in The BetaGenese Klinik is far better suited than a typical ward room. If you so wish, you may also move to a single room in The Beta Klinik during your stay with us.

Multimodale Schmerztherapie

Multimodale Schmerztherapie

Your Treatment Plan

Depending on your medical history and the cause of your pain, our competence team will work with you on your individual treatment plan with the aim of improving your quality of life, the relieving of pain and the minimum of side effects.

The treatment plan consists of a targeted and defined combination of various treatments. These would include, for example, talk therapy, physiotherapy and/or acupuncture, supporting medicines or bio and neurofeedback.

Our pain-therapists work closely together with the medical colleagues of other disciplines when it comes to discovering and finding the cause of your chronic pain. An example: With back pain due to injury or wear and tear, the neurosurgeons and orthopaedists will solve the cause of the pain as quickly as possible. The pain therapists subsequently work on the erasing of the pain memory and the re-training of your brain to get used to being free of pain.

Treatment Methods

We would like to first meet you

Carmen Fargel who holds an additional qualification in special pain therapy, will have an in-depth first consultation with you in order to treat your needs accordingly. Your individual treatment plan will be developed based on this consultation and also extensive preliminary examinations which will take place. These examinations include amongst others:

  • Intensive physical therapy methods in order to distract the pain perception focus and to positively influence the pain memory.
  • Psychotherapy, because chronic pain nearly always has a psychosomatic element.
  • The learning of relaxation techniques, how to find peace, tranquillity and to release tensions and blockages in your body and mind.
  • Biofeedback, to understand which processes you use and which ones as a result should be deepened.
  • Physiotherapy and movement therapy in order to mobilise your musculoskeletal system. Incorrect and relieving postures are corrected and you learn to move in a healthy and pain-free way.
  • Special out-patient headache clinic
  • Special back school with targeted treatment of incorrect posture and other musculoskeletal problems.

Medical Therapy

We conduct individual tailor-made treatments according to your needs. Where appropriate, preparations with different substances are combined. Patience and careful attention are needed during the adjustment phase when the dosages are individually defined. Side effects can make this first phase more difficult. We will gladly speak to you and your relatives, and answer any questions you may have in a detailed and comprehensive way.

Invasive Pain Therapy

Invasive pain therapy most often involves pain medicine being administered by injection and not being taken orally. Examples are the following forms of invasive pain therapy:

  • Therapeutic local anaesthesia
  • Block, plexus and spinal anaesthesia
  • Blockages of the sympathetic nervous system


TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) is an electro medical stimulation therapy which is used especially in the treatment of various forms of pain and also for muscle stimulation. TENS transmits electrical impulses via electrodes to the skin surface and is often described as a tingling sensation. The goal of TENS, is to block chronic pain as much as possible so that the perception of pain is decreased or even completely stopped. Those affected can carry these procedures out at home after being instructed as to how.

Physiotherapeutic Measures

In the physiotherapy and rehabilitation department at Beta Sport & Reha, experienced physiotherapists work within the framework of medical training therapies to improve your strength, endurance and mobility.


Acupuncture is method of treatment which has its theoretical and practical foundations in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture points are systematic points spaced out in a chain form throughout the body, the so called enjoining channels (Meridians).

Talk Therapy with Psychosomatic Care

We offer psychosomatic care for those who need it. Chronic pain correlates with depression, anxiety, aggression and a feeling of hopelessness and is often related to limitations in everyday life. They can also be, however, a contributing cause (“Bio-Psycho-Social-Model”). In the course of the psychological pain therapy, the pain specialists at The BetaGenese and The Beta Klinik try to find out more about the pain, the problems it causes or the factors which influence it.