Beta Preventive Healthcare

The Principle of Preventive Medicine

Prevention is the most important fundamental principle of naturopathic, traditional medical disciplines. For thousands of years, people have tried to preserve their greatest asset, their health, by means of prevention.

Preventive holistic medicine can improve health, reduce the development of diseases and alleviate complaints in cases of existing diseases through the use of a wide range of low side-effect, traditional, repeatedly proven methods.



The very experienced Yimin Sowa-Jiang, Managing Director of Beta Preventive Healthcare oversees both Chinese and German medicine heading up a highly qualified team of German doctors, all with additional training in the areas of preventive / complementary medicine and supported by bilingual assistants.

Beta Preventive Healthcare is especially well equipped to address the needs of Asian patients (special focus on China) in their purpose-built examination and therapy rooms equipped with the latest technical equipment.

The Fundamental Pillars of Beta Preventive Healthcare

  • Detailed medical history
  • Risk factor detection and identification
  • Intestinal rehabilitation
  • Deacidification, detoxification
  • Immune system strengthening
  • Vitamin and nutrient imbalance equalization
  • Hormonal imbalance equalization
  • Nutrition and weight optimization
  • Physical training
  • Mental and social health as well as quality of life (stress management, relaxation, work-life balance)

Diagnostic Range of Services

  • Individual consultation, detailed discussion
  • Resting ECG, blood pressure measurement
  • Laboratory tests (general/disease-specific, depending on individual needs)
  • Diagnostic thermography, according to Dr. W. Weber
  • AN-DI Energetic Corrector, according to Dr. Sahakian
  • HRV – heart rate variability

Therapeutic Range of Services

  • Energetic Corrector, according to Dr. Sahakian
  • Oxygen therapy, according to Prof. von Ardenne (via inhalation and/or haematogenously)
  • Intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy, according to Dr. Egor Egorov
  • Laser therapy/laser blood irradiation, according to Dr. med. Dipl. Chem. Michael Weber
  • Detoxification, deacidification therapy
  • Intestinal rehabilitation therapy
  • Immune system strengthening therapy
  • Orthomolecular therapy
  • Biomolecular therapy
  • Light therapy (Hyper-Photon 3D)