Endocrinology and Diabetology

Cooperation Partner
Endocrinology is a specialist area belonging to internal medicine. Our cooperating specialist Prof. Dr. Sven Schinner and team offer you the following specialist areas of treatment.

Thyroid diseases

Included here amongst others, are thyroid nodes and the clarification of such. Overactive thyroid glands (e.g. “Graves Disease”, “hot nodes”), underactive thyroid glands (“Hashimoto’ Disease”), cancer of the thyroid, follow-up and infections of the thyroid. There is an interdisciplinary concept together with Nuclear medicine (Prof. Biersack).

Osteoporosis and calcium metabolism disorders

Included is the correct diagnosis, the evaluation for the cause and also targeted treatment of osteoporosis. There are various disorders which can lead to osteoporosis, for example an excess of parathyroid hormone or cortisol, a lack of testosterone (men) or thyroid disease. The assessment of the metabolism of vitamin D in the clarification of metabolic bone disease also belongs here. The Beta Klinik offers the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and its complications in an interdisciplinary approach alongside endocrinology including radiology, neuroradiology, orthopaedics and neurosurgery.

Belonging to the special endocrinology disorders of calcium metabolism are parathyroid diseases with an excess or lack of parathormone (hyperparathyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, the latter following a thyroid operation).

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is very common today, especially the Type 2 (formerly known as adult-onset diabetes). When carrying out the diagnostics and treatment of people with diabetes, it is very necessary to keep an eye on other factors which are important to the patient (such as blood pressure, blood lipids). There are a range of medical options available to treat Diabetes mellitus individually.

Adrenal gland diseases

Included here is the clarification of enlarged tumours or adrenal glands as well as a complicated form of high blood pressure, excess or lack of cortisol and the clarification of the increase in male hormone production in women.

Diseases of the pituitary gland (Hypophysis)

Enlargements / tumours of the pituitary glands can originate from different cell types of the pituitary gland and cause different symptoms. Targeted, specific diagnostics and treatment is needed and possibly medical therapy in the case of a so called prolactinoma. We look after patients who have had operations or radiotherapy on the pituitary glands and clarify if drug therapy is necessary.

Testosterone deficiency in men (Hypogonadism)

Alongside the urological assessment of testosterone deficiency, an endocrinological assessment may be necessary as disorders in the functioning of pituitary glands can also lead to testosterone deficiency.

Co-treatment of menstrual cycle disorders / unfulfilled desire to have children (women)

Endocrinological diagnostics may be necessary after gynaecological diagnostics to treat the causes for menstrual cycle disorders and the unfulfilled desire to have children. Included here is hyperandrogenaemia (increased male hormone production), Hyperprolactinaemia (increased prolactin levels), or the so called polycystic ovary syndrome which will be clarified and specially treated.

The most modern diagnostic equipment including imaging and chemical laboratory processes are of course available in endocrinology and diabetology together with careful anamnesis and clinical examinations.

Prof. Schinner and his team provide the latest comprehensive treatment for patients with diabetes mellitus.