Diagnostics psychiatry and psychotherapy

In psychiatry and psychotherapy, we carry out the following examinations:

  • psychiatric examination
  • neurological and general physical examination
  • laboratory diagnostics
  • device-assisted diagnostics
  • neuropsychological examination

Psychiatric examination

During our comprehensive first psychiatric examination, we discuss all symptoms, the psychiatric and general physical medical history as well as social and family stress.

Laboratory diagnostics

An optional examination is laboratory diagnostics, testing the blood values (liver, kidney, vitamins/esp. B12, folic acid, hormones/esp. thyroid). Testing serum levels is indicated in case of psychopharmacological treatment.

Device-assisted diagnostics

In order to rule any organic changes of the brain, electrophysiological examinations like EEG (electroencephalography) and/or MRI can be carried out. Additionally, ECG examinations can take place.

Neuropsychological examination

Psychological instruments (interviews) can help gather symptoms and personality traits more objectively and more detailed in terms of changes.