A specialty of dentistry is periodontology, the treatment of periodontal or gum diseases.

One of the most common gum diseases is periodontitis, the inflammation of the tissue supporting your teeth, the so-called periodontium. Caused by an accumulation of bacteria adhering to the edge of your gum, it leads to bacterial plaque or disorders of the immune system. Loss of teeth as an adult is often rooted in periodontitis. It oftentimes starts without any symptoms and, thus, is not detected at an early stage.

This alone is reason enough to emphasize the importance of dental prevention of periodontal diseases. At the beginning, bacteria accumulate and adhere to the gum. Afterwards, our body counteracts them by a local inflammation, but the bacteria attach to the surface of the dental roots. If not treated fast enough, the tooth is permanently damaged leading to its loss eventually.

Science has pushed the boundaries of periodontology, making a thorough and careful treatment possible. After cleaning the surfaces of the dental roots, they are able to regenerate. Subject to your individual degree of periodontitis, treatment options vary. They range from a professional dental cleaning up to surgery given progressive disease with bone loss.

Together we can develop an individual therapy concept!